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Project Description
This project is designed to provide SharePoint administrators w/ packaged solutions to disable access to sites via SharePoint Designer (SPD). Over time the methods described on the SPD Team's blog ( will be implemented, as well as provide other solutions.

The initial release of this project was a barebones and perhaps unnecessarily severe solution. The source provided will deploy a custom site definition that is a complete copy of the base SharePoint Team Site (also known as the collaboration site), with one simple change: an update has been made to the ONET.xml file to prevent access to the site and all of its children via SharePoint Designer (SPD).

Please note that this will not modify any existing site collections in your SharePoint environment, nor will it modify the base Team Site site definition installed by SharePoint. It will give you a new option in the "Collaboration" tab of the Site Creation page titled "Team Site without SharePoint Designer access". If you use the stock Team Site option, your users will still be able to access it via SPD, you must use the new option to prevent that access.

Since then we have added a release that will allow administrators to disable access to SPD through a feature. This features adds a HTTP Handler that prevents access to the author.dll file that is called from SPD to open a site. This can be turned on an off at the web application level and will work for existing and new SharePoint sites alike.

The project was recently joined by iwkid and bcaauwe who added an additional release (No SPD Web Feature) that allows Site Owners to block SPD access via a Web Feature. We feel that this is a very clean way to lock down SPD but since it does put the control with the Site Owners and not the Server Administrators it may not be the best solution for your environment.

Please feel free to contribute to the project by suggesting other ways that we can prevent access to SPD, as the more options we have the better!

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